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Rob Poole

Co-Director, CFMHAS

Professor of Social Psychiatry, School of Health Sciences

MB, BS, FRCPsych
Bangor University

01978 727 142

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I am primarily a clinical psychiatrist by inclination and by experience. I held NHS consultant posts for 21 years before I took my first substantive academic appointment in 2009. I have held my present post since 1st July 2012.

I trained at St George's Hospital, London and in Oxford.

From 1988 to 2004 I worked in a deprived part of central Liverpool. I was closely involved in establishing services such as the Criminal Justice Liaison Team and the Homeless Outreach Team. I worked with non-statutory mental health projects to develop better services for Black and Chinese communities.

In 2004 I moved to an NHS community psychiatry post in rural North East Wales.  My present clinical role is in liaison psychiatry.

My long term research and academic interests centre on clinical skills and issues of clinical importance that affect deprived and marginalised people. These include substance misuse, especially alcohol, and the relationship between substance misuse and mental illness; the care of people with mental illness who experience long inpatient admissions, particularly those funded by the NHS but treated in the private sector; prescribing practice; public health measures to prevent suicide and self harm; and the relationship between social inequality and severe mental illness.  I am also interested in mental illness and creativity, and in professional boundary violations, especially at the interface between professionals' religious beliefs and their clinical practice.

In 2009 I formed a research collaboration with Professor Catherine Robinson which, led to the establishment of the Centre for Mental Health and Society in 2012.

I have co-authored two books on clinical skills with Robert Higgo which have gained national and international recognition. A second edition of our book on psychiatric interviewing was published by Cambridge University Press in 2017.  

I have co-authored a book Mental Illness and Poverty with Robert Higgo and Catherine Robinson.  This was published in 2014.

Catherine Robisnon and I have been working on self harm and suicide with colleagues in Mysore in India for some years.  In 2017, £4.5 million was secured to fund the South Asia Self Harm Initiative (SASHI).  This is a collaboration with colleagues in India (Mysore) and Pakistan (Karachi), Manchester and Oxford.  The Principle Investigator is Catherine Robinson.

I was awarded the Royal College of Psychiatrists Lifetime Achievement Award, 2017.


Professor of Social Psychiatry, School of Health Sciences, Bangor University. July 2012 -

Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, Wrexham Maelor Hospital. June 2009 - 

Co-Director, Centre for Mental Health and Society, Bangor University 2012 -

Co-Principle Investigator, National Centre for Mental Health, Wales 2017 -

Director and Specialist Adviser, Invited Review Service, Royal College of Psychiatrists, June 2013 -

Honorary Research Lead, National Centre for Mental Health, Wales, 2015 - 2017

Chair, Executive Committee, Royal College of Psychiatrists in Wales, 2012 - 2016

Vice-President, Royal College of Psychiatrists, November 2015 - July 2016




Professor of Mental Health, Glyndŵr University, Wrexham. June 2009 - June 2012

Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist, North East Wales NHS Trust and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Psychological Medicine, Cardiff University, 2004 - 2009

Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist, Merseycare NHS Trust, Liverpool and Honorary Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry, Liverpool University, 1988 - 2004


Journal Articles and Letters

Poole R, Cook CH, Higgo R (2018) Psychiatrists, Spirituality and Religion.  British Journal of Psychiatry

Krayer A, Robinson CA, Poole R (2018) Exploration of joint working practices on anti-social behaviour between criminal justice, mental health and social care agencies: A qualitative study.  Health & Social Care in the Community, Early view: 18 Jan 2018, DOI: 10.1111/hsc.12543

Masood B, Lepping P, Romanov P, Poole R (2017) Treatment of alcohol induced psychotic disorder (alcoholic hallucinosis) - a systematic review. Alcohol & Alcoholism

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Ryan T, Carden J, Higgo R, Poole R, Robinson CA (2016) An assessment of need for mental health rehabilitation amongst in-patients in a Welsh region.  Social Psychiatry & Psychiatric Epidemiology   DOI 10.1007/s00127-016-1213-8 

Poole R, (2015) NHS morality and care based on compassionate values.  BJPsych Bulletin 39: 48-49

Rajendra R, Krishna M, Robinson CA, Heggere N, Poole R (2015) A feasibility study to establish a Deliberate Self-harm Register in a state hospital in southern India. British Journal of Medical Practitioners 8(1): a807

Krishna M,  Rajendra R, Majgi SM, Heggere N, Parimoo S, Robinson CA, Poole R (2014). Severity of suicidal intent, method and behaviour antecedent to an act of self-harm: A cross sectional study of survivors of self-harm referred to a tertiary hospital in Mysore, south India. Asian Journal of Psychiatry. 12:134-139

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Poole R (2011). “Praying with a patient constitutes a breach of professional boundaries in psychiatric practice: Author’s reply”. British Journal of Psychiatry. 199: 518

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Poole R, Higgo R (2017) "Psychiatric Interviewing and Assessment Second Edition", Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Poole R, Higgo R, Robinson CA (2014) Mental Health and Poverty. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Poole R, Higgo R, (2008) “Clinical Skills in Psychiatric Treatment”, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Poole R, Higgo R (2006) “Psychiatric Interviewing and Assessment”, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Book Chapters

Poole R, Robinson C.A. (2017) "Training General Hospital Doctors in Mental Health Assessment using GMHAT/PC as part of a suicide prevention strategy".  Chapter in The Global Mental Health Assessment Tool, Ed. Shah V, Indian Psychiatry Society

Poole R, Tippett M (2016) “Mental health services in Wales: policy, legislation and governance”. Chapter in Management for Psychiatrists, Ed. Bhugra D. Bell S, Burns A.  London: RCPsych Publications

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Poole R (1996)  “General Adult Psychiatrists and Their Patients’ Children”, Chapter in Parental Psychiatric Disorder, 1st edition, Cambridge University Press, Eds. Gopfert M, Webster J, Seeman MV.

Research Reports

Krayer, A., Robinson, CA, Poole, R & Wolfendale, C (2013) Service provision for people with mental health and substance misuse problems – the relationship between stigma and social exclusion. Final Report to the National Institue for Social Care and Health Research.

Peck C, Tocque K, Poole R (2011). Scoping exercise: length of stay and readmission rates in Salford Adult Acute Mental Health Services. NHS Salford

Bailey J, Poole R, Zinovieff F, Robinson C, Parry O, Tocque K, Kennedy L (2011). Achieving positive change in the drinking culture in Wales. Alcohol Concern Cymru.

Poole R, Robinson C, Bailey J, Shelton C, Ruben S (2011). The DIAL study: Deaths Involving Alcohol In Wales. Research Report. Welsh Assembly Government.

Poole R, Ryan T, Pearsall A (2010). An investigation of delayed discharge amongst inpatients under the care of Manchester Health and Social Care Trust. NHS Manchester, Manchester City Council, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust.

Robinson C, Poole R, Slegg G, Ruben S, Bailey J (2009). Alcohol-Involved Death: A pilot study. Welsh Assembly Government.


Poole R, Tully J (2014) Creativity and mental health. RCPsych blog zone Minds in music.

Poole R, Bentall R (2011) Inequality, deprivation and psychosis. BJPsych eletter.

Poole R (2010). Secularism as a Professional Boundary in Psychiatry. Royal College of Psychiatrists Spirituality and Psychiatry Special Interest Group archive:


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Research Interests
  • Prevention of suicide and self harm in South Asia
  • Substance misuse, particularly drug-induced psychosis, ‘dual diagnosis’, dependency on prescribed analgesics, alcohol mortality in non-dependent individuals
  • Social inequality and mental illness
  • Prescribing behaviour
  • Psychiatric care of people with continuing psychosis, particulary in the private sector
  • Clinical skills, including with regard to professional boundaries in clinical practice 
  • Mental disorder and creativity
  Current Projects
  • With Professor Catherine Robinson and others, work on self harm and suicide in South Asia

  • With John Bailey and others, work on dual diagnosis, Deaths Involving Alcohol, and dysfunctional use of prescribed opioids
  • With Dr Tony Ryan and others, investigation of the care of people with intractable mental illness. 
  • I am the UK’s leading opponent of the integration of religion and spirituality into routine psychiatric care. 
  • Professor Catherine Robinson and I are collaborating with Karen Heald and Dr Susan Liggett (academic fine artists at Glyndŵr University) together with Professor Chris Dowrick (Professor of primary Care at Liverpool University) on a project to use creative arts to measure changes to sense of self during antidepressant treatment alongside orthodox psychometric measures.



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