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About us

CFMHAS was established in 2012, supported by a grant from BCUHB charitable funds. It is co-directed by Professor Catherine Robinson and Professor Rob Poole. The impetus to develop a research centre arose from their successful research collaboration, which exploits the potential of mixed methods research by bringing together social science, clinical and biomedical researchers in a truly multidisciplinary partnership.

CFMHAS focuses on research that has a direct application to improve the mental well being of the general population or to improve mental health care. We are particularly interested in complex problems that are best addressed through combined qualitative and quantitative methods.

CFMHAS brings together researchers from a broad multi-disciplinary base including:

  • Social policy
  • Psychiatry
  • Social work
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Nursing
  • Medicine

We have collaborations with the social care and mental health research communities across Wales, with academics and researchers in the rest of the UK, Europe and India.

The first point of contact on our main research themes:

 Catherine Robinson
           Deaths involving alcohol
           Care of people with enduring mental health problems
           Social care
           Deliberate self harm in India

 Rob Poole
           Religion and spirituality in clinical practice
           Alcohol and substance misuse
           Creativity and mental illness

 Peter Lepping
           Novel methods of research synthesis
           Violence in health settings       

 Peter Huxley
           Social care in mental health

 Robert Higgo
           Untoward incidents in mental health services
           Culture and mental illness 

 Diane Seddon

 John Bailey
           Prescribed medication misuse

 Anne Krayer
           Dual diagnosis
           Anti social behaviour

 John Carden
           Care of people with enduring mental health problems